Professional audio-interfaces and preamps

In addition to our microphones we also offer you now select, FACTORY-NEW** accessories at the best terms. All of the items displayed here meet the high MADOOMA standards and are unreservedly recommendable for their particular application.

We hope you enjoy browsing, discovering and shopping in this FACTORY-NEW section for professional audio-interfaces and preamps for homerecording/studio use ... of course, as always, with FOC delivery within Germany.

** factory-new goods include manufacturer's warranty and full MADOOMA support

Tritonaudio FetHead Preamp for dynamic (esp. ribbon) microphones
brandnew. Amazing results with ribbon mics !
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US $77.19
Tritonaudio FetHead BROADCAST Preamp for dynamic+condenser microphones
brandnew. Amazing results! BROADCAST version for use with very long cables.
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US $154.90
Tritonaudio FetHead FILTER Preamp for dynamic (esp. ribbon) microphones
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US $82.79
Tritonaudio FetHead PHANTOM Preamp for condenser microphones
brandnew version for condenser mics !
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